Explore this list of over 20 best keto snack recipes to kick cravings to the curb. Included are sweet and savory ideas that are anything but boring.

You’ll probably agree that homemade meals are best. First, from-scratch foods are, for the most part, made with wholesome ingredients that are so much better for you. Secondly, you get to customize homemade meals to your preferences and your macros limits. And lastly, making meals at home saves money.

Snacks should definitely be part of this equation, particularly because there are not that many keto options in stores. On the other hand, there’s certainly no shortage of keto snack recipes!

To make the search for the best keto diet snack ideas easier for you, we created a list of over 20 best keto snack recipes.

Our selection includes both sweet and savory options, and most of them have less than 5g of net carbs in a serving. Some of these are easy to make, others you can make ahead of time, and some are great for occasions when you want to treat yourself and your loved ones with something special.

So, if you’re ready for some snackspiration, keep scrolling.

1. Keto Granola Cookies


Crunchy cookies that are loaded with peanut butter and chocolate chip flavor! For this recipe, you’ll need staple low-carb cookies ingredients along with our Keto Granola (PB & Chocolate Chip) and Dark Chocolate. These ingredients help create cookies that are not only delicious but low-carb, MCT-rich, and keto-compliant to boot!

Nutrition: 170 calories | 17.3g fat | 1.3g net carbs | 1.9g protein.

Get our recipe for Keto Granola Cookies.

2. Keto Brownie Bread Pudding


Ever wondered what to do with leftover brownies? Then this recipe could become your new favorite. While it does call for packaged Keto Brownies, feel free to use leftover brownies if that’s what you have. Either way, you’ll get a delicious and moist bread pudding that’s great served with keto ice cream.

Nutrition: 270 calories | 19.2g fat | 8.4g net carbs | 12.2g protein.

Get our recipe for Keto Brownie Bread Pudding.

3. Keto BLT Sandwich


Searching for keto snack recipes to keep you fuller for longer? This BLT sandwich packs a nutritional punch with almost a daily dose of satiating protein and energy-boosting fat. It’s super easy to prepare with ready-made Keto Bread and classic BLT sandwich ingredients. The ready-made bread also has that sandwich texture we know and love.

Nutrition: 598 calories | 51.8g fat | 2.2g net carbs | 28.5g protein.

Get our recipe for Keto BLT Sandwich.

4. Keto Bread Roll-Ups


Another thing to do with Keto Bread is to make these savory roll-ups. The recipe calls for simple ingredients, like cream cheese, ham, Italian herbs, and mayo, which you probably have in your kitchen. Feel free to make these up to a day ahead.

Nutrition: 232 calories | 16.9g fat | 1.7g net carbs | 15.8g protein.

Get our recipe for Keto Bread Roll-Ups.

5. Keto Chocolate Pots


When it comes to homemade keto snacks that are as nutritious as they are decadent, not many recipes come close to these chocolate pots. Made with Keto Bars, they’re like chocolate-flavored Crème brûlée but with a keto twist. Make these when you need to rewind on weekends or as a date night snack.

Nutrition: 412 calories | 40.4g fat | 4.9g net carbs | 7.5g protein.

Get our recipe for Keto Chocolate Pots.

6. Keto Grilled Cheese


Nothing says comfort food like grilled cheese. What’s so great about this low-carb version of cheesy, melty goodness is that it takes just 5 minutes to prepare. We bet it’ll take you even less time to eat. While this is one of those keto snack recipes best served warm, you can enjoy it as a picnic snack or simply reheat in the microwave if you have leftovers.

Nutrition: 178 calories | 14.5g fat | 0.2g net carbs | 9.6g protein.

Get our recipe for Keto Grilled Cheese.

7. Cookie Dough Fat Bombs


Fat bombs are the quintessential keto snack/dessert you need in your life. They’re usually one of those low-carb snack recipes that are easiest to follow. Don’t believe us? Just check out these 30-minute, 6-ingredient bombs. Made into edible cookie dough and loaded with birthday cake flavor, you’ll find it impossible to have only one.

Nutrition: 112 calories | 11g fat | 0.9g net carbs | 2.2g protein.

Get our recipe for Cookie Dough Fat Bombs.

8. Bacon-Wrapped Mini Sausages

Bacon Wrapped Mini Sausage

Everything tastes better wrapped in bacon. These bite-sized, bacon-wrapped sausages are best if you serve them with our recommended homemade dipping sauce; however, they’re just as great on their own. This is one of those keto diet snack ideas that will make following this lifestyle way easier.

Nutrition: 81 calories | 6.7g fat | 0.6g net carbs | 4.3g protein.

Get our recipe for Bacon-Wrapped Mini Sausages.

9. Keto Chicken Salad


The best chicken salad for keto is one made with fatty cuts of chicken — as is the case with this low-carb snack recipe. Made with chicken legs (or thighs), drenched in mayo, and served in lettuce cups, this keto snack recipe is not only tasty but filling, too. Of course, you can use shredded chicken from leftovers instead.

Nutrition: 143 calories | 11.7g fat | 0.3g net carbs | 9.6g protein.

Get our recipe for Keto Chicken Salad.

10. Keto Dairy-Free Matcha Latte

Keto Dairy Free Matcha Latte

If you’re looking for homemade keto snacks that are low-calorie but energizing, try this simple latte. You’ll need only four ingredients to make this, including MCT oil and matcha powder for energy and flavor. As explained in the title, this liquid snack is dairy-free. On top of that, it’s vegan and soy-free.

Nutrition: 97 calories | 10.2g fat | 3.2g net carbs | 0.3g protein.

Get our recipe for Keto Dairy-Free Matcha Latte.

11. Keto Zucchini Bread

Keto Zucchini Bread

When it’s zucchini season, definitely find the time to make this delicious zucchini bread. This low-carb veggie pairs perfectly well with the cheddar cheese and bacon in this snack bread. And where ketogenic snack recipes that hold well for a long time are concerned, not many come close to this. Besides that, this low-carb bread is filling thanks to the protein plus fiber.

Nutrition: 196 calories | 17.8g fat | 1.6g net carbs | 6.8g protein.

Get our recipe for Keto Zucchini Bread.

12. Keto Yogurt


It’s kind of disappointing so many yogurts contain added sugar. That’s why we suggest making your own “yogurt” the keto way. Bear in mind this isn’t yogurt in the traditional sense of the word; it’s a combo of different creams along with berries and low-carb sweeteners. We’re sure you’ll love the sweet and tangy flavors in this one.

Nutrition: 149 calories | 14.8g fat | 5.2g net carbs | 2g protein.

Get our recipe for Keto Yogurt.

13. Keto Brownie Parfait


Brownie parfaits are more decadent than those made with fruit. But this recipe takes the best of both worlds and makes it keto to boot. Made with our packaged Keto Brownies, ricotta cheese, and raspberries, you’ll get all the nutrition you need in one serving, along with a touch of MCTs.

Nutrition: 338 calories | 25.7g fat | 10.4g net carbs | 19.5g protein.

Get our recipe for Keto Brownie Parfait.

14. Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Candies


We don’t see why low-carb snack recipes shouldn’t include candies, especially considering that these are actually good for you. At just 1.1g net carbs and very few calories, you can have more than one serving to satisfy those cravings for sweets.

Nutrition: 78 calories | 7.5g fat | 1.1g net carbs | 1.4g protein.

Get our recipe for Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Candies.

15. Low-Carb Raspberry Smoothie Bowl


Ever tried a smoothie bowl? If not, now’s the time with this quick and simple keto snack recipe. Smoothie bowls are thick smoothies that you eat with a spoon. They also usually have toppings for added crunch, like coconut chips in this recipe. Besides being creamy and delicious, this snack bowl packs a protein and ketogenic fats punch for when you need to curb midday munchies.

Nutrition: 379 calories | 32.5g fat | 7.5g net carbs | 14.3g protein.

Get our recipe for Low-Carb Raspberry Smoothie Bowl.

16. Keto Chocolate Pudding


If you like your keto snack recipes sweet, then here’s a truly unique one worthy of your attention. Unlike regular pudding, which most thicken with starch, this one calls for gelatin powder and egg yolk to achieve that pudding consistency. And istead of chocolate or cocoa powder, this recipe uses keto bars, and the mint flavor gives it a refreshing twist.

Nutrition: 359 calories | 36.7g fat | 5g net carbs | 4.9g protein.

Get our recipe for Keto Chocolate Pudding.

17. Keto Cheese Bread

sliced keto cheese bread

The keto diet says you can eat all the cheese you want. So definitely add this cheese “bread” to your keto snack recipes list. It has bread in the title because of its crispy and airy texture. However, this low-carb snack recipe doesn’t call for any kind of flour whatsoever. Instead, it’s a mixture of mostly eggs and cheese.

Nutrition: 172 calories | 11.4g fat | 1.8g net carbs | 16.8g protein.

Get our recipe for Keto Cheese Bread.

18. Keto Coffee Cake


Do you miss old-fashioned coffee cake? This recipe calls for our Keto Baking Mix and keto baking staples like almond milk, butter, eggs, and heavy cream. The flavors come from the cinnamon and a maple donut glaze. You’ll love the moist texture and warm aroma of this coffee time snack.

Nutrition: 118 calories | 11.6g fat | 0.9g net carbs | 2.3g protein.

Get our recipe for Keto Coffee Cake.

19. Keto Fruit and Granola Parfait


Fruit, granola, and keto all in the same sentence? It’s amazing how many of your favorite guilty pleasures can be turned into keto goodness as you’ll see with this recipe. It uses Greek yogurt, mixed berries, and Keto Granola made with a mix of nuts and seeds to give you a snack that’s nutritious, delicious, and low-carb above all else.

Nutrition: 129 calories | 5.1g fat | 7.5g net carbs | 11.5g protein.

Get our recipe for Keto fruit and Granola Parfait.

20. Turkey Involtini


Involtini is Italian for “rolls.” Usually, they’re made with vegetables with a filling. But these homemade keto snacks use turkey meat, prosciutto slices, and a mozzarella filling. It’s satisfying, cheesy, and perfectly portable for an on-the-go or lunchtime snack.

Nutrition: 256 calories | 12.6g fat | 1.5g net carbs | 34.2g protein.

Get our recipe for Turkey Involtini.

21. Green Mayo Deviled Eggs

Mayo Green Deviled Eggs

Egg-based snacks are convenient, economical, and they can be delicious with the right recipe. Enter these deviled eggs with green mayo. The mayo gets its green hue from the avocado. And not only that, it gets heart-healthy and appetite-suppressing monounsaturated fats as well as loads of fiber from it.

Nutrition: 177 calories | 15.7g fat | 1.6g net carbs | 6.3g protein.

Get our recipe for Green Mayo Deviled Eggs.

22. Easy Keto Egg Salad Recipe


Another egg-centric recipe to try is this easy-peasy egg salad. It’s ready in around 20 minutes and calls for only six simple ingredients. The citrusy flavor in the dressing balances the creaminess and hearty flavor of this salad. Make this ahead of time when you need a filling snack to bring to work or elsewhere.

Nutrition: 290 calories | 1.1g fat | 1.6g net carbs | 13g protein.

Get our recipe for Easy Keto Egg Salad Recipe.

23. Mini Keto Cheesecakes


Mini desserts make for great sweet snacks. These mini cheesecakes are one of those keto snack ideas that are easy to prepare with simple ingredients like eggs, cream cheese, and almond flour. If you have a muffin tin on hand, definitely put on your apron and bake these for your ketogenic enjoyment.

Nutrition: 274 calories | 27.2g fat | 1.9g net carbs | 6g protein.

Get our recipe for Mini Keto Cheesecakes.


Try these keto snack recipes to save yourself the headache of looking for ready-made snacks at the store. Many are pretty easy to prepare, and some you can make well in advance to save time. But most importantly, all are low enough in carbs to make snacking a guilt-free indulgence.

Don’t have time for making keto snacks? Take a look at these best store-bought crunchy keto snacks, keto snacks you can buy at Walmart, and snacks you can order at Amazon. If looking for sweet snacks only, see this list of the best sweet snacks to buy. But if you need something portable for the movies, see this list of keto movie snacks. Also, definitely check out our ready-made keto snack collection.

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