Can You Enjoy Your Favorite Carb-Heavy Foods On Keto? Thanks to this breakthrough, the answer is “Yes!”

Let me explain:

When I first went keto, they told me I would no longer be able to enjoy my favorite foods.

It was a steep price to pay, but I thought I could do it.

And time after time, the carb cravings would eventually kick in… And kick me out of ketosis.

But These Carb Cravings Are No Joke…

Because research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that carbs light up the same addiction centers of the brain as drugs do.

Which means beating carb cravings is almost like trying to beat a drug addiction!

I knew if I was going to succeed in keto, I had to do something about these cravings.

I couldn’t let every day be a battle I could lose the second I got too hungry.

I was tired of watching friends and coworkers sink their teeth into the foods that were off-limits for me.

I was tired of watching friends and coworkers sink their teeth into the foods that were off-limits for me.

I just wanted it to feel easy – like I wasn’t on a carb-restricted diet at all.

So I Started With One Of My Favorite Foods - Bread.

Think about it – how many tasty and convenient meals can you make with bread?

Whether it’s a crunchy BLT or hot n’ buttery grilled cheese…

A plate of sweet French Toast drizzled with syrup and topped with strawberries…

Or simply a piece of toast with jam or cream cheese…

It’s hard to deny how easy and delicious bread is.

I knew if I solved THIS – keto would be so much easier… And carb cravings would be way more manageable.

So here’s what I tried:

Keto Carb Attempt #1 Keto Branded Foods In Supermarkets

“Easy”, I thought.

I pass by items labeled “KETO” at the supermarket every day.

I’ll just grab one of those!

If only it were that easy.

Because I would soon find out…

That most of these items are filled with junk!

Sure, they’ll have some keto-friendly ingredients…

But also loads of stuff your body doesn’t want.

My guess is that lots of companies are trying to take advantage of the keto trend…

So they cut corners and hope customers don’t notice…

But after how bad I felt eating a lot of these, there was no way I couldn’t notice!

Keto Carb Attempt #2: Make My Own Recipes

I realized the only foods I could trust were the ones I made myself.

But this led to another big problem… Because many of these recipes were a huge hassle to make!

They required a laundry list of expensive ingredients…

Tons of time for prepping, researching recipes and learning through sheer trial and error…

All just to make a version that didn’t taste anything like the original!

I didn’t have all the time in the world…

Nor did I want to burn a hole in my pocket with ingredients I would only use once or twice…

So I needed a better solution.

That’s when I stumbled upon Kiss My Keto.

As soon as I read the ingredients on their Keto Bread I knew I hit the holy grail.

It didn’t have any of the junk from store-bought brands like soybean oil, sugar-spiking sweeteners or weird preservatives.

And it didn’t taste like a dry piece of cardboard like my homemade attempts.
Once I took my first bite I knew it was the real deal.

And if you’re on a keto or low-carb diet then you’ll absolutely love it because:

  • It’s got only 0-2g net carbs per serving
  • It’s filled with healthy ingredients like Oat Fiber and Golden Flaxseed Meal
  • It comes in delicious flavors like Cinnamon Raisin and Golden Wheat (perfect for French Toast, Grilled Cheese sandwiches and more!)
  • It’s super convenient and easy to store
  • And you can get it shipped right to your door!

Finally, I found the answer to my carb cravings I desperately needed. I could enjoy a slice of bread whenever I wanted – without any of the guilt.

I was still burning fat like crazy thanks to ketosis…all while enjoying french toast and sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

So if you want a keto-friendly bread alternative that makes life a whole lot easier (and tastier), then click here to check it out


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