Christmas is just around the corner but you’re still on the keto diet. Before you decide to take a break from low-carb, high-fat to celebrate the upcoming holidays, consider making this a Keto Christmas dinner first.

Despite what you may think, the ketogenic diet and Christmas dinner aren’t mutually exclusive. Many holiday food staples are easy to make keto-friendly and tasty enough to share with the whole family.

Here are 16 healthy, delicious, and low-carb options for you to get inspired.

1. Mayo Green Deviled Eggs

Make classic deviled eggs healthier by swapping mayo for avocado. Not only are these deviled eggs better for you, but they also make a fantastic Christmas presentation with their white, green, and red hues.

Nutrition Facts:
Calories 177
Fat 15.7g
Protein 6.3g
Net Carbs 1.6g
Mayo Green Deviled Eggs

2. Bacon-Wrapped Mini Sausages

Also known as smokies, these mini sausages make for a really tasty starter dish when wrapped in bacon and seasoned with a spicy sauce. Double the ingredients if you’re having a large crowd over since these are bound to disappear in minutes.

Nutrition Facts:
Calories 81
Fat 6.7g
Protein 4.3g
Net Carbs 0.6g
Bacon Wrapped Mini Sausage

3. Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Pistachios

A Christmas dinner staple side dish, Brussels sprouts are also one of the most keto-friendly veggies you could make. With a sprinkle of bacon bits and pistachios, these will be the stars of your Christmas dinner.

Nutrition Facts:
Calories 154
Fat 12g
Protein 6.4g
Net Carbs 4.5g
Brussels Sprout with Bacon and Pistachios

4. Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

These little Santas are big on flavor. They’re also incredibly cute. While they can be time-consuming to make, you can prepare them one day ahead of time and serve them as your Christmas appetizer.

Nutrition Facts:
Calories 65
Fat 4.3g
Protein 4.6g
Net Carbs 1.8g

Make holiday snacking fun with these cherry tomato Santas.

5. Stuffed Pork Roast

This pork roast may look complicated, but it really isn’t. All you need is a couple of simple ingredients to give it extra flavor and a bit more than an hour of cooking time before you can serve it as your Christmas main.

Nutrition Facts:
Calories 477
Fat 26.5g
Protein 52.3g
Net Carbs 2.8g

6. Cajun Parmesan Salmon

Don’t want to celebrate this keto-friendly Christmas with red meat or turkey? No problem! Make this Cajun spice-flavored and Parmesan-drenched Salmon. It’s tasty and special, just like a holiday main dish should be.

Nutrition Facts:
Calories 266
Fat 14.6g
Protein 32.9g
Net Carbs 2.2g

7. Garlic Buttery Pork Chops

Garlic, butter, and a hint of rosemary are all you need to turn pork chops into a truly festive Christmas dinner main dish. Follow this recipe exactly if you want to serve the perfect chops — caramelized, tender, and juicy.

Nutrition Facts:
Calories 513
Fat 46.7g
Protein 24.2g
Net Carbs 1.1g

8. Turkey Involtini

A tasty alternative to whole roast turkey, these roll-ups can be served both as a main course or an appetizer. They pair well with roast veggies and they’re low enough in carbs to be enjoyed alongside sweet potatoes or other higher carb side meals.

Nutrition Facts:
Calories 256
Fat 12.6g
Protein 34.2g
Net Carbs 1.5g

9. Peppermint Meringues

Low in calories and carbs, these meringues mean you can enjoy your favorite Christmas sweet with little to no guilt. They’re made with a fiber-based sweetener, which also means they come with health benefits.

Nutrition Facts:
Calories 19
Fat 0g
Protein 0.2g
Net Carbs 0.5g

You can enjoy sugar-free peppermint meringues guilt-free.

10. Cookies for Santa

Word is out that Santa has gone on a low-carb diet, so it’s a good idea to prepare him these lovely almond flour cookies with a glass of almond milk. Feel free to enjoy a couple of these yourself since they only have 0.4 net carbs.

Nutrition Facts:
Calories 89
Fat 0.4g
Protein 1g
Net Carbs 9.3g
Cookies for Santa

11. Snowball Cookies

Melt-in-your-mouth snowball cookies can also be made low-carb with simple swaps. These are made with ground pecans and almond flour. A splash of vanilla gives them that little bit of flavor that will make your home smell like Christmas.

Nutrition Facts:
Calories 90
Fat 9.3g
Protein 1.2g
Net Carbs 0.4g

A holiday classic turned keto.

12. Reindeer Cookies

These cookies are so cute and so buttery! You probably already have all the ingredients you need to make them. And since they’re ready in half an hour or less, they’re perfect as a last-minute dessert.

Nutrition Facts:
Calories 48
Fat 4.4g
Protein 1.3g
Net Carbs 0.5g
Reindeer Cookies

13. Bourbon Keto Chocolate with Whipped Cream

Cozy up this Christmas with this spiked hot chocolate and your favorite keto cookies. The secret to making this drink perfect is adding enough fat to balance out the burn factor from the bourbon. Also, feel free to experiment and use a different liquor.

Nutrition Facts:
Calories 206
Fat 14.9g
Protein 1.3g
Net Carbs 3.5g
Bourbon Keto Chocolate with Whipped Cream

14. Keto Eggnog

No need to skip eggnog this Christmas. Just use a non-nutritive sweetener and you’ll keep carbs low without compromising flavor. We promise that it’s ah-mazing!

Nutrition Facts:
Calories 191
Fat 15.5g
Protein 2.9g
Net Carbs 1.8g
Keto Eggnog

15. Holiday Punch

Sparkly and red, this holiday punch will get you in the Christmas spirit. Most of its calories come from the alcohol and only a fraction from carbs. But you really don’t need to worry about carb content when giving a toast.

Nutrition Facts:
Calories 104
Fat 0g
Protein 0g
Net Carbs 0.3g
Holiday Punch instructions

16. Hot Buttered Rum

Drinks that call for butter are always welcomed when you’re a keto-er. This traditional holiday drink is warm, boozy, and smells delightful. It’s also a great excuse to enjoy butter more.

Nutrition Facts:
Calories 233
Fat 11.6g
Protein 0.2g
Net Carbs 0.2g
Hot Buttered Rum
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