Finding health and nutrition information is easy. But finding information that is accurate, science-based, and applicable is challenging. That is why here at Kiss My Keto, we team up with talented writers, health experts, and nutrition professionals to provide our readers with the knowledge and guidance they need to start living a happier and healthier lifestyle.


We strive to make the ketogenic diet uncomplicated and accessible to anyone. We also strive to empower individuals to take charge of their health. We hope to reach both objectives through our informative content and practical guidance that you can find on our Blog, which we update regularly.


Our editorial process involves thorough research from our writing team as well as careful review by our team of medical professionals. This ensures that all information you see is not only engaging but as accurate as can be.

Our Writers

All  content is researched and written by one of our dedicated expert writers. Kiss My Keto carefully assesses all writers by their level of expertise and relevant experiences.

Sources and References

Our writing guidelines demand that all our articles are thoroughly researched using sources that are current, reliable, and unbiased. Our main sources include medical studies, scientific references, government databases, and university publications. You can find all of our sources referenced at the end of each article.

Voice and Tone

We believe health information does not have to involve complex and abstruse phrasing. All of our content is written in plain language, using simple terms. Because we strive to connect with our readers, we rely on positive, engaging, and inclusive language.

Avoiding Bias

As a company dedicated to the ketogenic diet and lifestyle, it’s hard for us to be completely unbiased in our approach to health and nutrition. To minimize bias, we try to include both the pros of cons of subject matter. Our reliance on quality studies and authoritative sources also helps to moderate bias in our content.

Staying Current

Science and medicine are constantly evolving; that is why we prioritize providing knowledge and guidance that is current and up-to-date. 

Whenever necessary, we update our content and make revisions. For example, any time there is a change in standards of care, clinical guidelines, or groundbreaking studies, we make sure we are up-to-date and we notify our readers when any changes to our content are made. 

Your Thoughts Are Important To Us

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