What’s the best MCT powder to buy? Let’s look at two leading products: Kiss My Keto and Perfect Keto MCT oil powder so you can decide.

If you’ve been doing the keto diet for a while now, you probably already know what medium-chain triglycerides are. MCTs for short, they’re partially man-made fats coming from coconut and palm kernel oil.

Studies show that MCTs help with decreasing weight, obesity, and inflammation. Moreover, they shorten the time it takes for one to enter ketosis and increase BHB ketones.

When it comes to the forms of MCTs, there are two types you should know: MCT oil and MCT powder. MCT powder is easier on the stomach, mess-free, and available in various flavors which a lot of people like. You can mix it in your smoothies or make recipes out of it.

This article focuses on two leading brands of MCT powder, namely Kiss My Keto and Perfect Keto. After reading this, hopefully, you can decide which one to supplement with.

Let’s get started.

What Is Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder?

This is one of Perfect Keto’s MCT products. According to Perfect Keto, their MCT powder is made from real coconuts, has keto-friendly fiber, and contains clean ingredients. It can be used for any purpose. For example, as a creamer for your morning coffee or dessert when you’re craving something sweet.

Is Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder Keto-Friendly?

If you’re trying to get into ketosis or stay in it, you need to check the macronutrients found in your food or supplement. In the case of Perfect Keto’s MCT powder, yes – it is keto-friendly. One serving has 1-4 grams of net carbs depending on the flavor.

Some happy customers on Amazon also mentioned that this product helped them get back into ketosis.

Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder vs Kiss My Keto

At Kiss My Keto, we make sure that all our products support your goals on the ketogenic lifestyle whether you live a busy life, are an athlete, or trying to get healthier and fitter through diet.

Yet, it seems that every product on the keto market claims this. So, to help you make an informed and unbiased decision, we’re going to explore the differences between our MCT powder and Perfect Keto’s.


Obviously, the main ingredient in this supplement is medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). The rest of the ingredients are the following for each flavor:

Kiss My Keto

  • Unflavored: Gum Acacia.
  • Chocolate: Gum Acacia, Cocoa Powder, Natural Flavor, Sea Salt, Reb A (Stevia Leaf Extract), Himalayan Pink Salt.
  • Vanilla: Natural Vanilla Flavor, Inulin, Sodium Caseinate, Silicon Dioxide, Sunflower Lecithin, Reb A (Stevia Leaf Extract), Himalayan Pink Salt.

Perfect Keto

  • Unflavored: Gum Acacia.
  • Peanut Butter: Peanut Flour, Sea Salt, Gum Acacia, Natural Flavor, Reb A (Stevia Leaf Extract).
  • Cinnamon Toast: Natural Flavors, Sea Salt, Gum Acacia, Reb M (Stevia Extract).
  • Vanilla: Natural Flavor, Reb A (Stevia Leaf Extract), Gum Acacia.
  • Chocolate: Cocoa Powder processed with Alkali, Reb A (Stevia Extract), Gum Acacia.
  • Salted Caramel: Natural Flavor, Sea Salt, Reb A (Stevia Extract), Gum Acacia.
  • Matcha Latte: Matcha Green Tea Powder, Reb A (Stevia Extract), Gum Acacia.


Kiss My Keto’s MCT powder makes for a great ketogenic supplement, thanks to its right balance of macros. One serving (1 scoop = 9 to 11.6 grams) has:

  • Calories: 60-70
  • Net carbs: 0-1g
  • Fat: 6-7.5g
  • Protein: 0-less than 1g

Perfect Keto’s MCT powder, on the other hand, starts at a higher serving (1 scoop = 10 to 13.2 grams) with the following nutritional info:

  • Calories: 70-80
  • Net carbs: Less than 1g-4g
  • Fat: 7g
  • Protein: 0-less than 1g

Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder vs Kiss My Keto

A note on carbohydrates:

On the ketogenic diet, cutting your carbs is so important as it quickly puts your body in ketosis. While Perfect Keto has just a small number of carbs per scoop (which won’t put you off ketosis), keep in mind that this will be included in your total carb count for the day.

Here’s a comparison between Kiss My Keto vs Perfect Keto’s net carbs based on the flavors we have in common:

Kiss My Keto Perfect Keto
Unflavored 0g <1g
Chocolate 0g <4g
Vanilla 1g 3g



In the supplement industry, flavor matters because it makes a product more exciting especially that people have specific taste preferences.

When it comes to choices, Perfect Keto has more to offer. Currently, they feature 7 options that include Unflavored, Peanut Butter, Cinnamon Toast, Vanilla, Chocolate, Salted Caramel, and Matcha Latte.

Kiss My Keto features 3 classic options: Unflavored, Chocolate, and Vanilla.


If you’re after real opinions on the taste of these MCT powders, here’s some good feedback from Kiss My Keto and Perfect Keto customers:

Kiss My Keto

  • “The taste is very similar to hot cocoa.”
  • “This is perfection. Everything I put this in ends up delicious.”
  • “It doesn’t have that fake

Perfect Keto

  • “Great tasting, this is definitely sweet enough on its own.”
  • “Tried a little, raw, and good grief this tastes soooooooooooooo GOOD.”
  • “I love the French vanilla taste.”


Both Kiss My Keto and Perfect Keto MCT powders can be:

  • Blended into coffee and smoothies
  • Enjoyed as a standalone drink
  • Used as an ingredient in dessert recipes

A Kiss My Keto customer, for example, starts her day with a scoop of our Chocolate powder: “I blend this in my coffee with some heavy whipping cream and then add ice…”

With Perfect Keto, here’s what their customer said for their Unflavored powder: “I drink it in my coffee every morning, but still add my flavored nut pod creamer.”


Doing keto on a budget? We’re here to tell you that’s definitely possible. That is why we’ve included this pricing section.

Kiss My Keto MCT powder (Unflavored) costs only $25.99 – that’s $0.87 per serving. The rest of our flavors cost $37.99 each – that’s $1.27 per serving.

Perfect Keto’s Unflavored powder is pricier – $36.99. The rest of their flavors cost the same.

Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder vs Kiss My Keto

Bottom line: Both ketogenic brands are reputable and use clean, quality ingredients. At the end of the day, you decide which is worth your money based on the factors we discussed above (net carbs, your flavor of choice, etc).

Customer Reviews

Kiss My Keto and Perfect Keto MCT powders have found favor with customers. At the same time, some have expressed their opinions on what they didn’t like about the products. Let’s check out some of them:

Kiss My Keto

The good:

  • Sweet and good tasting: “This keto creamer both adds significant sweetness AND actually makes it seem creamy. I really, really like the way my coffee tastes now.”
  • Maintains ketosis: “I have been using this powder for a month and haven’t stepped out of ketosis once!”
  • For keto baking: “I like this product a lot, have used it to make mochas and in keto baking (used in avocado brownies).”

The bad:

  • Expensive for some: “I will say that I think it’s a bit pricey for the amount you get, but it’s much higher quality and better tasting than the less expensive ones I’ve tried.”

Perfect Keto

The good:

  • Smells good: “Anyway, upon opening this, I thought I had opened up a birthday cake! Smells divine.”
  • Blends well: “I whip this up in a blender, no lumps or separation at all.”
  • Alternative to sugary drinks: “I love Starbucks matcha but do not love the calories or sugar! This is a great alternative!:

The bad:

  • Expensive for some: “THIS IS DELICIOUS. That being said, the flavor is 5 stars, but the price is not.”
  • Aftertaste: “Bought this to help kick me into ketosis but it has a weird aftertaste that I haven’t been able to truly use it.”

The Verdict

Between Kiss My Keto and Perfect Keto MCT oil powder, Kiss My Keto wins when it comes to macros (net carbs), price (for Unflavored), and real user feedback.

On the other hand, if you’re into other flavors like matcha and peanut butter, Perfect Keto might be the better choice.

Both brands win on their ability to support or bring you back into ketosis – which is the most important thing with any ketogenic supplement.

What’s Your MCT Oil Powder of Choice?

Have you decided already? We hope this article helped. If you’re looking for the best MCT oil powder that you can take on any day or in whatever way you like, choose Kiss My Keto.

Consuming medium-chain triglycerides supports your journey, especially if you’re new to the keto diet. Been on keto for a long time now and also doing fasting? You might want to use it to extend a fast.

Try one of our MCT oil powders now.

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