Electrolyte depletion can and does happen on a keto diet. To keep yourself hydrated and feeling your best, see these keto electrolyte supplements to buy.

Electrolytes are essential minerals found in your blood, sweat, and extracellular fluid. They keep us healthy by helping maintain a wide range of physiological functions, like fluid balance, pH, heart rhythm, nerve communication, and a lot more. Examples of common electrolytes include:

  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium 
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorous

Normally, you’d get all of the above from food.

But under certain conditions, you can lose electrolytes at a greater rate than normal, which is when electrolyte supplements to buy come in handy. The keto flu (when you first switch into ketosis), profuse sweating, and vigorous exercising are examples of conditions under which we lose these nutrients. Some medical problems can also cause electrolyte loss. 

When you lose electrolytes, you’ll definitely feel it. Electrolyte loss can leave us swollen, tired, confused, and with a rapid heart rate 1. If severe enough, these problems may warrant a visit to the ER. Preventing this problem is easy, though, with mindful nutrition and taking supplements when necessary 2.

But don’t grab the first electrolyte supplement you come across; many contain added sugar, starches, and poor quality ingredients. Plus, they may be ineffective and a complete waste of money. Instead, look for ones designed to supplement the keto diet. Below are a couple of the best options to consider in 2021.

1. Keto Electrolytes by Kiss My Keto

This electrolyte supplement in powder supplement is sold in tasty mixed berry flavor. It contains a couple of electrolytes and essential minerals that some people may find difficult to obtain on keto,3, and it includes these moderate amounts. 

For example, you’ll get 36% of the DV for Magnesium and 18% DV for zinc from a single serving of this product. Keep in mind that because you’ll get some of your daily electrolytes from other sources, this dosage is adequate. 

Keto Electrolytes by Kiss My Keto

The product is ideal if you’re trying to prevent the keto flu and to keep you feeling great on your keto journey. At 90 servings per container, this product can definitely help. But the good news doesn’t end there: Keto Electrolytes comes with highly bioavailable versions of these minerals, like calcium citrate 4 and sodium from Himalayan pink salt. 

Other than that, it’s also sweetened with stevia and does not contain any artificial colors or unhealthy preservatives. 

Contains: 64mg calcium, 150mg magnesium, 2mg zinc, 345mg chloride, 140mg sodium, 300mg potassium

Price: $29.99


2. Sugar-Free Energizer from Vega Sport

If you’re already past the keto flu stage and are a highly active keto-er, this electrolyte powder is something to consider. You’ll probably even love its acai berry flavor.

A single serving contains a small amount of electrolytes to help get you feeling great before a workout. You’ll even get your total daily requirement for vitamin C along with natural stimulants for energy and focus: coffee berry, green tea, Rhodiola, and Siberian ginseng. All of these can give you a natural mental boost.

Sugar-Free Energizer from Vega Sport

Although not designed for keto per se, it is keto-friendly at 0g sugar. It’s also free from artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners. 

Contains: 10mg calcium, 10mg magnesium, 62mg vitamin C, 345mg chloride, 130mg sodium, 40mg potassium

Price: $39.99


3. Keto Electrolyte Drops By Trace Minerals

Another way to make a keto electrolyte drink is with the help of drops. These dissolve in water and other drinks much easier than powders. It’s also a much cleaner product than anything else on the market.

This supplement is ideal for anyone on the Keto Diet since it provides the full spectrum of electrolytes people lose when experiencing keto flu. It also has trace minerals, as the brand’s name implies, and these include sulfate and boron. 

Keto Electrolyte Drops By Trace Minerals

The product is flavorless, so you can use it with any of your favorite keto drinks, smoothies, shakes, and more. One bottle has a total of 24 servings. Overall, this is as simple as electrolyte supplementation on keto gets — no sweeteners, flavorings, additives, etc. — just electrolytes dissolved in purified water. 

Contains: 600mg chloride, 190mg magnesium, 105mg sodium, 150mg potassium, 20mg sulfate, 950mcg boron

Price: $19.99


4. Keto Ultra Hydration+ By SlimFast

Best known for their meal replacements, SlimFast now makes keto-friendly supplements, among many other things. This keto electrolyte powder is one of their best keto products. It’s sold in tropical orange mango flavor and is much more than an electrolyte replenisher: it also has vitamins, amino acids, and herbal extracts.

The vitamins in question are B complex ones, which are important for energy production 5, as well as vitamin C for an immune system boost. 

Keto Ultra Hydration+ By SlimFast

It also has an adaptogen and amino acid blend, like Ashwagandha and L-Arginine. Other than essential minerals, this keto electrolyte drink contains chromium, a trace mineral known and proven to boost metabolic health 6

It’s sold in a 6.2oz container that has 53 servings total. You can also purchase this in six and twelve packs. 

Contains: 45mg calcium, 80mg sodium, 150mg magnesium, 183mg potassium, 4.8mcg chromium

Price: $23.99


5. Electrolyte Mix Raspberry Flavor by Dr. Price’s Vitamins

If looking for electrolyte supplements to buy that are also portable, then consider Dr. Price’s Electrolyte Mix. It has 30 packs for a decent price. You can carry this one with you anywhere you go for quick hydration. 

The no-sugar powder comes in raspberry flavor. If you’ve ever wondered how to get potassium on keto, then consider this product which can provide you with 9% of the DV for this nutrient and electrolyte along with sodium. 

Electrolyte Mix Raspberry Flavor by Dr. Price’s Vitamins

Where this one shines above the rest is in its trace minerals, however. It has 72 trace minerals, like iodine from kelp as an example. Iodine insufficiency isn’t an uncommon problem and it can negatively impact your metabolic health 6

Meant for athletes and your average keto eater, this formula can definitely meet some of your hydration needs with a lovely raspberry flavor. 

Contains: 200mg sodium, 330mg potassium, 10.5mcg trace mineral complex

Price: $21.00


6. Magnesium Citrate from Nature Made

While not exactly an electrolyte supplement, this product can help you meet your daily needs for this one particularly hard-to-get electrolyte. Researchers believe magnesium deficiency to be widespread 7, keto diet or not. 

The best type of magnesium for keto where supplements go are ones called magnesium citrate, which is what this product is. Research shows this form is better absorbed and utilized than other types of supplemental magnesium 8

Magnesium Citrate from Nature Made

This supplement is sold in capsule form and even has medium-chain triglycerides in the formula. It’s sugar-free and compatible with the keto diet. Use this on your keto diet along with magnesium-rich foods like almonds, spinach, and dark chocolate. 

Contains: 250mg magnesium citrate

Price: $19.59


What’s Your Favorite Keto Electrolyte Supplement?

Found a favorite on our list? We’d love to hear if you’ve tried any of the above options, as well as other brands of keto electrolyte supplements. Tell us why they’re working for you and what other features you love about them. 

But in case you’re still looking for ways to replenish your electrolytes, make sure to buy products that contain adequate amounts of bioavailable minerals. Otherwise, it’s always a good idea to get all your nutrients from food. Supplements are meant to fill in gaps in your diet, not to be a primary source of these essential compounds. 


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