The thought of drizzling some maple syrup on your low carb pancakes might make you feel anxious about getting kicked out of ketosis.

Fortunately, there are some delicious keto friendly versions available, and we’re going to walk you through 7 best keto syrups you should try on the keto diet.

What Is Keto Syrup?

Anything that has the word “keto” in front of it has to be low carb and sugar-free, and it’s the same case with syrups. Syrups are usually made out of two main ingredients: water and sugar. However, a keto syrup, on the other hand, is like the mock version of regular syrup. It has no sugar, well at least not the regular sugar. Keto syrup is made out of low carb ingredients.

Keto Syrup vs. Regular Syrup

Regular syrup

A regular syrup is also known as “simple syrup” because it only has two main ingredients: water and sugar. The simple syrup can be turned into different flavored syrups such as butter syrup, chocolate syrup, maple syrup, and more. An ounce of simple syrup has about 14 grams of carbs. A tbsp of maple syrup, for instance, has 13 grams of carbs and a tbsp of chocolate syrup has roughly 12 grams of carbs.

The higher sugar content of the regular syrup is what differentiates it from a keto syrup.

Keto syrup

Unlike regular syrups, keto syrups are low carb because they’re made with keto friendly sweeteners such as erythritol and stevia.  For instance, the first keto maple syrup recipe we’ve included below has zero carbs because it uses erythritol as the alternative for sugar.

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How to Choose a Syrup for Keto Diet?

In general, your chances of getting kicked out of ketosis are higher if and when you eat more than 20-30 grams of carbs per day. Although most keto friendly foods are low in carb, some of them have a significant amount of carbs to meet your daily macros easily. For example, 100 grams of boiled broccoli has about 7 grams of carbs. It gets even easier to reach your daily carb limit if you happen to have two or more meals per day.

So the bottom line is to choose a keto syrup that has almost zero carbs. You should take note of the other ingredients in your chosen syrup recipe and avoid anything that you know your body doesn’t like. For instance, you may want to avoid peanut butter syrup if you’re allergic to peanuts. Similarly, you might want to avoid syrups that contain sweeteners you don’t like.

7 Best Keto Syrups to Sweeten Your Keto Diet

1. Sugar-free maple syrup

It’s not that appealing to imagine eating low carb pancakes without drizzling some delicious maple syrup all over it. Well, this sugar-free version is “close to the real thing” according to the recipe author, Maya. This recipe yields 8 (2 tbsp) servings.


  • Zero carb which makes it perfect for a keto diet.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Can be prepared in 10 minutes.
  • No chemical after taste.
  • Only four ingredients and it uses real maple syrup and erythritol (low carb sweetener).


  • Erythritol can sometimes cause side effects such as bloating, gas, and diarrhea, especially in people with a sensitive stomach. So it’s important to consume it moderately.

Estimated cost:

Here is the estimated cost of this maple syrup recipe from Amazon:

  • Real maple extract: roughly $5 for a 2-ounce bottle.
  • Erythritol: $10-15 for a bag of 1-2.5 lbs.
  • Xanthan gum: $6-10 for an 8-ounce bag.

It can cost anywhere between $20-30 to buy the ingredients for this keto syrup recipe if you don’t already have them. The good news, however, is that you will only be using them in small quantities which means they’ll last longer.

2. Sugar-free chocolate syrup

Chocolate is another thing that most people on low carb diets miss the most. Fortunately, there are many low carb chocolate recipes like this delicious sugar-free chocolate syrup by Lindsey.


  • Has only 3 grams of carbs per serving.
  • Quick and easy to make (10 minutes).
  • No filler ingredients.


  • Although it’s low carb, it still has 3 grams of carbs per serving and we all know how tempting chocolate can be so it might not be a good choice if you know you’ll get carried away with the chocolate syrup.
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Estimated cost:

  • Cocoa powder: $6-$20 depending on the packet size.
  • Almond milk: $10-35
  • Erythritol: $10-15
  • Vanilla extract: $6-20

Assuming you’ll be buying them in small quantities, this recipe ingredients can cost anywhere between $30-40. If you’ve already been on the keto diet for some time, chances are you already have some or most of these ingredients such as cocoa powder and erythritol which will reduce the overall cost. You can also try this recipe using keto chocolates instead of cocoa powder.

3. Low carb blueberry syrup

Blueberry syrup makes an excellent topping for pancakes, ice creams, and any desserts, here’s a tasty low carb version by Lisa. You can make this keto blueberry syrup in under 25 minutes, and it yields ten servings.


  • Low carb compared to store bought blueberry syrups.
  • No filler ingredients.


  • It has 6 grams per serving (2 tbsp) which is slightly higher than other keto syrups.
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Estimated cost:

  • Blueberries: depends on fresh or frozen.
  • Erythritol: $10-15
  • Stevia powder: $10-15
  • Lemon juice: depends on fresh or liquid version.

4. Sugar-free strawberry syrup

This mouthwatering strawberry syrup by Jessica is made with all natural stevia. It’s a great topping for pancakes, ice creams, and all kinds of keto desserts.


  • Low carb and delicious.
  • Super easy to make, all you need to is to blend all the ingredients.
  • Has only 1 gram of carb per serving (2 tbsp).
  • Suitable for those who’re sensitive to erythritol.


  • Uses strawberry flavor and natural food coloring, but you can also make it with fresh strawberries and without any food coloring.

Estimated cost:

  • Strawberry extract: $5-10
  • Lemon flavor: $3-10
  • Red food coloring: $5-12
  • Stevia: $5-15
  • Xanthan gum: $5-10

5. Low carb vanilla bean syrup

Author Jessica states that this vanilla bean syrup has all the flavor of real vanilla bean, but without the high fructose corn syrup, and other additives. It’s versatile and can be used to flavor anything from plain greek yogurt to your keto smoothies, shakes, and ice creams.


  • Low carb, gluten-free, and vegan.
  • Has only 1 gram of carbs per serving.
  • Another keto syrup recipe that might be suitable for those who are not a fan of erythritol.
  • Lasts longer because it doesn’t require cooking.


  • Nothing notable.

Estimated cost:

  • Vanilla bean paste: $11-30
  • Stevia: $5-15
  • Xanthan gum: $5-10

6. Sugar-free caramel syrup

How can this list of keto syrups be complete without a low carb caramel syrup recipe? Here’s an authentic recipe by Paula that uses no thickening agents. You can make it in under 15 minutes, and it yields 16 tbsp servings.


  • Uses allulose as the sweetener and allulose has positive research-backed benefits so far 1, 2.
  • Has only 0.5 g of carbs per serving.


  • Allulose is quite expensive compared to other low carb sweeteners; however, the author has stated that you can also use xylitol.
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Estimated cost:

  • Grass fed butter: $3-5
  • Allulose: $19-25 or Xylitol
  • Xylitol: $10-40
  • Heavy whipping cream: $4-10

7. Low carb ginger syrup

A unique tasting low carb ginger syrup recipe by Melissa. It’s incredibly versatile and can be used on anything from tea and coffee to cakes and desserts.


  • Only three ingredients and easy to make.
  • Low carb.


  • Nutritional information has not been mentioned.

Estimated cost:

  • The cost of ginger depends on where you buy it from and the author has mentioned that you can use any form of granulated sugar substitute so if you choose to use erythritol, the cost can be anywhere between $10-15.

Bonus: How to Use Keto Syrups in Your Keto Diet

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Pancakes, cakes, and desserts

All of the seven keto syrups we’ve discussed can be drizzled on low carb pancakes and other keto desserts such as keto ice creams.

Tea & coffee

The vanilla, caramel, and ginger syrups would taste great in your keto coffee and tea.

Glaze them on

Brush some on your meat and fish before baking.

Shakes & smoothies

Add some of your favorite keto syrup to your keto smoothies and shakes.


A keto syrup is similar in taste to the regular sugar syrups with a big difference: keto syrups are low carb, and most of them have almost zero carbs per serving so they will not kick you out of ketosis.

Some low carb sweeteners such as erythritol can cause adverse effects such as diarrhea, bloating, and gas in some people so you may want to avoid it if you have a sensitive stomach.

The keto syrups that don’t require cooking will last longer than those that need to be cooked so if you want to make one that will last you for at least 3-4 weeks, consider making the syrups that don’t require cooking.


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  2. Nishi N et al. The long-term safety of D-allulose administration in healthy dogs. 2017 November -

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