We played catch up with Queen of Wellness and long-time Kiss My Keto Ambassador and customer, Jennifer Nicole Lee, who shared with us the power of nutrition and the role that Kiss My Keto played in improving her life.

Jennifer Nicole Lee is a Certified Life Coach, best-selling author and speaker with 17 books under her wings, master choreographer, lifestyle influencer, and a fitness expert known worldwide for her 80-lb weight loss success story.


That’s one truly inspirational woman! Let’s get to know her better…

You’re amazing! But tell us, before all these successes in terms of your health, what were your early health struggles?
I was actually overweight. I was an unhealthy, emotional eater with no goals or drive.

Were there other diets or lifestyles that you tried before going keto or was it straight to keto?
I’ve tried ALL! I’ve tried low fat, fat-free, and even very restricted calorie diets, but they were not good to me.

When did you decide to go on keto?
Everyone’s kind of getting into this keto craze and for good purpose! I have been MORE keto in the past 6 months. I make sure that I don’t eat too many carbs, while increasing my healthy fat intake.

What misconception did you have about keto that made you hesitate at first?
Bacon! I don’t want to eat a lot of bacon! But I found out that I didn’t really need to.

80-lb weight loss success story… Wow! And you’re inspiring so many people on a global scale. How long has it been?

I’ve been keeping it off for close to 20 years thanks to the healthy lifestyle that I’m living.

Your dedication to maintain a healthy lifestyle is really amazing! Now, let’s talk about Kiss My Keto and the role we play in your health journey.

Do you have any favorites?
I love the MCT C8 Oil! I used to be doing coconut oil but this is 20x more powerful than that! Plus I love the pump and that it comes in a glass bottle. I’m also a fan of the keto bars, and collagen.

How has it changed or improved your life?
I really admire Kiss My Keto. It has improved my life with high-quality products, information-packed website and your great recipes. The C8 MCT Oil has helped not only me but also my clients on a global level to burn fat. Kiss My Keto has taken it up a notch! It’s extremely potent; and helps me gain more mental focus, burn fat faster and gives me a surge of energy which I really love.

I’m known for losing over 80-lb after the birth of my children in 2003. I’m turning 47 in June and the  boys are full-grown, but I’ve been able to keep the weight off with great products. Kiss My Keto really just makes it easy for people (even for those who are not full-on keto) to enjoy the lifestyle.

Thank you so much! Would you like to invite our readers to try Kiss My Keto and to follow you on social media?


I love the brand. I love their products. And I love that they’re always listening to their customers.

I’m proud to be an ambassador of the brand.

You can find me on Instagram @JenniferNicoleLee, TikTok @JenniferNicoleLee, YouTube www.JNLYouTube.com, and my website, www.jennifernicolelee.com.

Are you a Kiss My Keto customer with an inspiring keto story to tell? Send us an email at nini@kissmyketo.com and you might be featured next.

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