Meet Grace, a 29-year old stay-at-home mom of 4, a pastor’s wife who loves coffee and writing, and a long-time Kiss My Keto customer.

Here she talks about her keto journey, how it transformed her and how Kiss My Keto played a part in it.

The postpartum depression hit me hard in 2018 and in 2020 it became more intense.
– Grace Peters, 29

What were your early health struggles?

I had four babies in four-and-a-half years. The postpartum depression hit hard after Baby 3 in 2018. I was still overweight from the first two pregnancies and simply felt like a whale, but on top of that, I was struggling badly after sugar binges.

After Baby 4 was born in 2020, the mental health difficulties came back, but more intensified. I started having panic attacks, insomnia, weight gain, depression, and overall anxiety that I couldn’t control. I was on strict Keto from 2018 until I gave birth to Baby 4 in 2020. I have been on and off Keto since then because of my mental health problems.

Have you tried other diets before going keto?

I tried just going sugarless and I tried Whole30 several times (and failed more times than that).

Why and when did you go on keto?

Postpartum depression was the original reason I started Keto in the summer of 2018.

I needed to lose pregnancy weight, but I noticed the correlation between sugar binges one day and extreme depression the very next day.

It was my parents who encouraged me to try keto because they’ve been on it for six months at that point. I was on and off Keto through 2020 while I was pregnant, because my blood sugar wasn’t super stable.

Since then, I have kind of restarted a different approach to Keto. Because of how bad my mental health has been in 2021-2022, and because I tend to put such high expectations on myself that lead to inabilities to accomplish, I took a step away from Keto and just ate for awhile. But I felt terrible.

So now, I eat Keto, not as much for the weightloss, but so that I don’t have mental collapse related to sugar and junk.

Were there any hesitations about keto at first?

Yes, I thought it wouldn’t actually help me and that it would be too hard. But viewing it as a lifestyle helped me become creative, so I still enjoyed eating and cooking and creating in the kitchen.

Let’s dive into Kiss My Keto’s role…
What Kiss My Keto products do you use?
Tell us your favorites!

Birthday Cake MCT oil powder was the first product I ever tried in 2018 and I won it in a giveaway. Now, the Birthday Cake Collagen Powder!

It’s still one of my favorite products, along with the gummy candies and the dark chocolate. I just have to add that the gummies are something that I feel really good about sharing with my kids!

How much weight have you lost since starting?

I’ve lost 38 lbs before I got pregnant (2018-2019) and then about 20 lbs since I gave birth again in April 2020.

How has Kiss My Keto changed or improved your life?

Kiss My Keto has given me an outlet to still enjoy the foods I love. Coffee is a big part of every morning, and having something like the Birthday Cake Collagen to add to my cup means I don’t miss the junk-filled creamers I used to use. The electrolytes and ketone powders keep me fueled throughout my days, giving me that boost of energy I need for four kids that I’m homeschooling.

There really is more to keto than just the weightloss. It’s amazing how the keto lifestyle has helped Grace with her mental health and energy, and how Kiss My Keto allowed her to continue enjoying the foods she loves.

Follow Grace’s daily life and keto recipes at @whollygraciebird on Instagram.

Are you a Kiss My Keto customer with an inspiring keto story to tell? Send us an email at and you might be featured next.

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