We played catch up with long-time Ambassador and full-time YouTuber, Janet Bolger. At 45, Janet says she is in the best shape of her life having lost over 100 pounds by following a ketogenic lifestyle

 I wanted to make sure that I would include things that would keep me on track without feeling restricted while following the lifestyle. – Janet Bolger

You’re definitely looking… and for sure, feeling your best! Did you have any health struggles previously?

I’ve suffered from eczema for the longest time. I was hospitalized quite a bit as a child. I also suffered from asthma, allergies, and extremely high blood pressure.


Has it always been keto for you or did you try other diets or lifestyles before going keto?

It wasn’t keto at first. I’ve tried other diets before but I always ended gaining the weight back. I did weight watchers, the cabbage soup diet, Atkins, alternate day fasting, carb cycling, and Jenny diet in the past 25 years, but none had been sustainable enough to keep the weight off.


Wow! That’s a lot! When did you go on keto and what convinced you?

Once, I received a health scare with my high blood pressure. My doctor was monitoring my blood pressure daily. I was on two high blood pressure pills for about a year. That caused me to start my keto diet because I was way too young to be on these pills. I was at 240 pounds then! I knew I needed to make a change and that was the keto diet. I had a long journey ahead of me.


Did you dive right in or did you have any hesitations about keto at first? What were those and how did you overcome them?

I really had to do a lot of research about the keto diet. I wanted to make sure that I would include things that would keep me on track without feeling restricted while following the lifestyle. But through the help of YouTube and Googling what I should and shouldn’t be eating on keto and how to do it the right way helped me to overcome those struggles. Of course, I also checked with my doctor to ensure that keto will be a healthy way for me to lose weight.


Let’s see where Kiss My Keto come into play!

What Kiss My Keto products do you use? Tell us your top 3!

I love the Kiss My Keto Electrolytes. Another favorite is their gummies, and of course, the bread.


How much weight have you lost since starting the lifestyle?  

Keto has worked for me! I’ve been close to my goal weight now. I have lost 107 pounds since starting keto.


How has Kiss My Keto changed or improved your life?

Aside from the weight loss, keto, in general, came with a lot of health benefits for me. I am now off my allergy medication. My asthma medication has decreased, and best of all, I am completely off my high blood pressure medications! I’m able to do more things like walking everyday.

I still love sweet treats and add them in my life when I can. The Keto Gummies allow me to still have sweets even when on keto. A huge part of my success, I owe to drinking Kiss My Keto Electrolytes. It allowed me to maintain an energetic lifestyle while getting the nutritional value I needed.


You share a lot of product reviews, recipes, keto tips and day-to-day life! We’d love for our keto community to continue to be inspired by you! Where can they find you?

You can find me on Instagram as @janetgreta2020, in YouTube, TikTok as @janetgreta, and on Facebook. I also have a website where I offer coaching, my keto recipe book and meal plans.


Are you a Kiss My Keto customer with an inspiring keto story to tell? Send us an email at nini@kissmyketo.com and you might be featured next.

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